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FLEXAUST® Catalogue

Complete Industrial Hose & Fitting Catalogue

Flexaust® has manufactured durable, long lasting, flexible hose and ducting solutions for industrial and commercial applications for 80 years. Their flexible hose products are used in applications involving air, dust, fume and lightweight materials.

Flexaust® offers the largest selection of products including wire reinforced coated fabric hose, wire reinforced plastic hose in regular as well as stretch construction, hand-bendable metal ducting, all plastic wet or dry vacuum hose and blow molded corrugated tubing products.


PVC is an economical and lightweight option with good compressibility and chemical resistance, making them a solid material choice for light-duty applications.

Flexaust PVC ducting

Thermoplastic Rubber

THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER is a great all-purpose material. Thermoplastic rubber provides hose options with a wide temperature range, long flex life, good abrasion and chemical resistance. Having these characteristics allows our thermoplastic rubber products to be the most versatile to fit multiple industry applications.

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  • T-7 Thermoplastic Ducting on page 44
Flexaust TPR ducting


POLYURETHANE offers the best possible performance with superior abrasion and chemical resistance and excellent tensile strength. Polyurethane hoses are indispensable for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Flexaust polyurethane ducting

Static-Dissipative Polyurethane

STATIC DISSIPATIVE POLYURETHANE is a specially formulated material that combines the durability of polyurethane with the ability to dissipate static build-up. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is difficult to detect, and can cause severe complications to your product’s performance, as well as posing safety risks in a workplace environment.
The dissipative material conducts the static build-up to allow for discharge to grounded point eliminating these risks.

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  • Flexstat® PU Ducting on page 42
Flexaust static-dissipative ducting


NEOPRENE is a widely used synthetic rubber with exceptional chemical, oil, and temperature resistance. While its functional temperature range is similar to that of thermoplastic rubber, neoprene offers superior tensile strength and flame resistance.

Flexaust neoprene ducting


SILICONE is well suited for high temperature air applications and resistant to many oils, solvents, ozone, water, fungus and alkalis.

Flexaust silicone ducting

Polyethylene (P.E.)

POLYETHYLENE is highly durable, resistant from abrasion, chemicals, crushing and kinking.

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  • Commercial Blue PE Genesis® industrial vacuum hose on page 43
  • STM PE Genesis® on page 43
  • Tigertail™ PE on page 11
Flexaust polyethylene flexible hose